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Top 7 Vintage Decoration Gift Ideas


    You are certainly looking for a gift to give to someone dear to you. Also, it is likely that you are aware of her tastes and that you know that she likes vintage , retro or industrial style in general. It is possible that this person is a fan of Route 66 , vintage toys, or even enamel plates from well-known brands. In any case, know that you have come to the right place because today we offer you a Top 7 of the best vintage decoration gift ideas to offer! Of course, it is clear that this selection is only an overview, otherwise it would contain hundreds of gifts! 😂

    It's entirely possible that you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Otherwise, we invite you to take a look at our collections to find THE perfect gift to give!

    7) Vintage Metal Sign

    vintage metal plates

    For any vintage decor, its enameled plaque that matches it! The shimmering colors as well as the countless artistic works they represent make them an essential for any self-respecting retro vintage fan. In addition, their modest size (21 × 30 cm, or an A4 sheet) means that they can fit into any room in the house (kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, garage, etc.)! Finally, their metal finish treated against corrosion guarantees that your metal plate will last for many years to come.

    With what we offer you, whether it is famous brands , pin-ups , Route 66, famous alcohol or food, you will be spoiled for choice for interior decoration. In any case, what is certain is that it will be an ideal gift for an ideal person!

    6) Vintage Clock

    vintage clock

    Our time is precious, because it's all we have. So, despite appearances, the clock is one of our most essential accessories. What could be better than offering a magnificent vintage clock ? There is no doubt that a true retro fan will appreciate it at its true value! 🕒

    This is why, at Planète Vintage, there is no shortage of choices ! Whether it is Arabic or Roman numerals, wood, metal or on a particular theme (USA, Route 66, pin-up , etc.), there is no doubt that you will find the perfect gift for your loved one! 🎁

    5) Vintage Toy

    vintage toys

    If your friend is a big child , there is no doubt that a small old tin toy will please him! Also, these vintage toys are as fun as they are splendid: their shimmering colors and their quality finish will delight budding retro decorators! In short, it is a very decorative original gift which will not fail to surprise the person to whom you intend to give the said present.

    For science fiction fans and geeks , our collection of robots will be the ideal choice as a decorative object! 🤖 For others, you will find famous toys there, like the classic old boxer toy , but also vehicles, Ferris wheels, or mechanical animals!

    4) Vintage Mirror

    vintage mirror

    A mirror is always the reflection of the soul of the person who contemplates it. So, for a vintage fan, they need a mirror totally adapted to their personality!

    Particularly popular mirrors are barber mirrors . If in the past they were used to properly trim beards, they are widely used in bathrooms to add a touch of nostalgia to wall decorations. We also offer all kinds of mirrors, such as rattan, metal, resin and even bamboo mirrors! 🐼 Impossible not to find what you're looking for for a gift idea!

    3) Vintage Alarm Clock

    vintage alarm clock

    To wake up in great shape, nothing better than the classic alarm clock ! What's even better is when it adds presence through its beauty. For vintage aficionados , this means original and colorful alarm clocks ! The most uncompromising fans will prefer mechanical alarm clocks to QUARTZ alarm clocks because their noise is more pronounced, whereas QUARTZ alarm clocks are silent.

    Among the most popular alarm clocks among retro enthusiasts, we find the famous flip flap alarm clocks, mechanical bell alarm clocks, but also QUARTZ alarm clocks with original designs! By their quality and their originality, our vintage alarm clocks are a pleasure to offer!

    2) Vintage Poster

    vintage posters

    A distant cousin of the enameled plaque, posters are the first things we think of when looking for vintage decor ideas . However, the quality of the poster varies from one to another. So, if you want an inexpensive poster, Kraft paper is for you. In addition, its "yellowed" color gives it an "old" appearance which will delight retro fans! If you are looking for another alternative, self-adhesive paper is ideal for sticking the poster as a poster on a wall. Finally, for the most demanding, Canvas quality is the best opportunity, because it guarantees you a “painting canvas” appearance, like posters over time!

    Available in all sizes, from A3 to A4 and on Canvas up to 75 × 100 cm, our vintage posters will adapt to any room in the house. We offer universes as varied as they are original, such as Air France posters , propaganda posters, replicas of famous posters , and even the classic vintage educational posters found in classrooms! There is no doubt that retro enthusiasts will find their choice there.

    1) Vintage Chandelier

    vintage chandelier

    If you want to impress your loved one, then don't hesitate to give them one of our magnificent vintage chandeliers! There is no doubt that with the luxury and originality they exude, they will be a must-have for any self-respecting retro fan. Best of all, we have some gorgeous vintage bulbs to complement them. By the way, have you noticed that our vintage chandeliers are named after philosophers of light ?

    Among our selections, we have brass chandeliers, “disco ball” chandeliers, glass chandeliers and wooden chandeliers. For steampunk fans, we also have industrial metal chandeliers!

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