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Jack Daniel's: Why Number 7?


    Jack Daniel's, one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world, raises a question: what is this mysterious number 7 present on each label?

    Many legends have circulated on this subject, giving rise to hypotheses which have become tenacious over time. But what is it really?

    Together, let's unlock the key to the mystery and discover the truth: the real secret behind the number 7 is waiting for you !

    Only Jack Daniel holds the key to the mystery 🗝️

    First hypothesis: no one would know the meaning , except Jack Daniel himself. Jeff Arnett, the current master distiller at Jack Daniel's, notably admitted that he did not know why the brand had the number 7 .

    " At the end of the day, the truth is we don't know . Jack gave the brand a name and it's a secret he took to his grave ," Arnett said.

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    Would Jack Daniel have taken the secret of the number 7 to his grave?

    7 would be the number worn by the train delivering the barrels

    Another explanation would be that the train bringing the barrels to store the whiskey had the number 7. Thus, Jack Daniel was inspired by this aspect to give his whiskey its famous number.

    jack daniels train

    Was Jack Daniel inspired by the number of his barrel delivery train?

    The 7 would be a tribute to a friend of Jack Daniel

    Another theory would be that Jack Daniel asked a friend to distribute the bottles of whiskey in his stores. However, he would have owned 7 : Jack Daniel would therefore have paid tribute to him by marking this number on his bottles.

    whiskey store

    A friend of Jack Daniel would have distributed the whiskey in his 7 stores...

    7 would be the number of Jack Daniel's fiancées

    Another persistent rumor is that Jack Daniel paid homage to his 7 past loves by indicating the number 7 on his whiskey bottles. However, given that he was never married or had children, this is unlikely to be true!

    jack daniels pin-up

    Jack Daniel, a womanizer? No !

    7 is Jack Daniel's lucky number

    For Jeff Arnet, the number 7 would be nothing other than Jack Daniel's lucky number .

    I always tell people it must be the luckiest number in the world, so maybe it's something Jack and I have in common that it's my lucky number and it was his too. "

    jack daniels 7

    The real secret behind the number 7

    We have outlined the various legends known around the number 7 of Jack Daniel's. So, which one is the real one? Actually, none . 😮

    But then, where does this number 7 come from? In reality, it was born... because of an administrative requirement ! At the time Jack Daniel's was founded, distilleries were not allowed to use brand names : the American government gave them a number, and they had to use that as their "brand". You guessed it: the Daniel's distillery received number 7 . Subsequently, when distilleries were allowed to have their own name, the number 7 was retained, since its reputation was already established . This is why Jack Daniel's bottles bear the number 7! For more information on this subject, we recommend the biography of Jack Daniel by Peter Krass .

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      Ce ne qu’un chiffre , J.D savait : les mondes vont s’interroger à ce chiffre 7 celà va bien faire le bizz de la bouteille carré il ètait malin cet petit Alcoolo

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