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How to Choose the Right Chandelier?


    Need help choosing the right chandelier? Planète Vintage 🚀 is here to help you! We'll talk to you about the things to consider to help you find the ideal chandelier by showing you:

    • The ideal diameter of the chandelier adapted to the size of your room. 📐
    • The right height for your chandelier.
    • The optimal amount of light for the size of your room. 💡
    • Types of chandeliers available.

    To illuminate our homes, it is essential to have an adequate chandelier . Chandeliers are designed to provide general lighting to the room, but they can add much more to the decoration of the room.

    When you choose right, it really helps enhance your design while lighting with style , and when you don't, it's hard to hide anything. We'll help you overcome the common pitfalls of choosing chandeliers, so you can rest easy when choosing your chandelier that it will be perfect . 🥰

    vintage chandelier

    What diameter should my chandelier be?

    There is a calculation you can do to determine the diameter of the chandelier suitable for the size of your room (this can be increased or decreased by 10% depending on your preference).

    1. 📏 Measure the length (L) and width (W) of your room in meters and add them together .
    2. ✖️ Multiply by 8.
    3. 👉 The result is the optimal diameter size of your chandelier in centimeters .

    Example : if your room is 4 m long and 2 m wide , the diameter of your chandelier will be 48 cm (4 [L] x 2 [l] x 6 = 48 cm).

    chandelier diameter

    How high should my chandelier be?


    You should aim for your ceiling light to have a minimum of 2.15 meters of clearance between the floor and the base of the chandelier .

    To calculate the optimal size separating the chandelier from your ceiling, simply do the following calculation:

    1. 📏 Measure the distance separating your ceiling from the floor .
    2. ➗ Divide it by 5.5.
    3. 👉 You obtain the optimal size of the cord to unwind.

    Example : if your height is 3 meters: 3 m / 5.5 m = 0.54 m, or 54 cm of cord.

    industrial wood metal chandelier

    Above a table

    Above a table , the distance between the furniture and the bottom of your chandelier should be between 70 and 100 cm . We advise you to install a light dimmer in this location, in order to create an atmosphere (be careful of glare! 😵)

    👉 Among our chandeliers to place above your table, our vintage ball chandelier is a must!

    Above a bedside table

    In the case of use as a bedside , it is recommended to leave a distance of approximately 30 cm .

    bedside chandelier

    How much light do you need per room?

    For LED bulbs

    With the move to LED bulbs , we can no longer rely on wattage as a reliable measure of light output. LEDs require much less electricity (and therefore less power) to produce the same amount of light .

    The reliable measurement is called lumens and, as a general rule, we recommend 250 lumens per square meter . This quantity can be distributed over chandeliers and lamps to achieve optimal effect. This also allows you to choose which lights to turn on. So if you need a brightly lit room, you can turn them all on, but if you're relaxing for a relaxing evening, you can choose a smaller amount of lamps to light .

    LED bulb

    For filament bulbs

    Regarding filament bulbs , you must always think in terms of power unit ( Watt ): the higher the Watt the bulb has, the more light it will release. 💡

    Most chandelier manufacturers, especially industrial chandeliers and vintage chandeliers , generally list the ideal wattage for the bulbs. At Planète Vintage 🚀 , all of this is indicated in our product sheets to make your life easier!

    In addition, filament bulbs are the perfect companion for steampunk decoration. To find out more about the steampunk universe, we recommend the specialist in the genre: the steampunk store . You will find many products there such as pocket watches , steampunk masks and even steampunk clothing !

    👉 Do you want to add a retro touch to your lighting ? So quickly discover our magnificent vintage bulbs .

    40w filament bulb

    Some types of chandelier

    The candlestick

    Today's candlesticks are a modern take on the classic design. Easy to install , they are the obvious choice when you want to make a good impression. In addition, they are equally at home in a maximalist interior as in a sober and neutral style .

    👉 However, if you want to adopt a style that defies conventions , discover our industrial metal chandelier without delay!

    industrial metal chandelier

    The spot

    Very popular in bathrooms and kitchens, spotlights give off a clear light but above all, they allow you to concentrate the light exactly where you need it. In addition, they are sometimes used in the living room, as you can see above this armchair (pssst: the pretty cushions come from our partner "Coin cushion", which you can visit here !)

    👉 If you want unidirectional lighting , then ourindustrial spotlight is what you need.

    industrial spot chandelier

    Hanging chandeliers

    Offered in all shapes, sizes, materials and finishes, hanging chandeliers create a strong focal point and are perfect for placing in any room of your home, whether in small spaces or large rooms with high ceilings. Hanging chandeliers can adapt to your space and most of the ones we offer are height adjustable.

    Opt for a vibrant painted color to brighten up your room, or choose glass , rattan , metal , copper , brass or silver for a contemporary appearance.

    👉 Difficult to choose between modern and retro ? Combine the two! Our modern industrial chandelier is the perfect embodiment of this.

    modern industrial chandelier

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